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I can't see the insta anymore, but here's a Imgur I found

I still have a roll of that paper in my dining room.

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Stroustrup looked at me and said, "That's the most biased question I've heard since 'Have you stopped beating your wife yet?'"

@thegibson There I was standing in the TSA line handcuffed to the pelican case arguing with the TSA agent that he will have to kill me before I let him open the case.

So, I went up the elevator and there was a door, when I opened it, I realized where I was. "Oh, Hey, this is where Ragan was shot"

This is even harder than trying to get a Shmoocon ticket


A limited number of monkeypox vaccine appointments are available now at our Central Harlem, Chelsea and Corona Sexual Health Clinics: More appointments will be made available later this week.

every been leading a work project and get that sinking feeling that it's DOOMED.

In case you’ve ever wondered what the RSA conference does with its attendee lists

I met my new accross-the-street neighbors yesterday.
One of them is NB and I'm so very happy.

please boost this to nuke my instance, i'm trying to test something

why are we not regulating this [internet of] shit??


The BR200, aimed at small businesses, was only just announced less than two years ago. And yet it's already reached the phase of its life where the vendor claims to not even have the ability to support it.

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