last night I dreamed that I took a course in courtroom procedure, but the only one I could go to was also for people signing with ASL, so it was hard to keep up. After class, a bunch of us went to the big park next to the courthouse, and were talking.

There was a low-flying plane* with red lights on the bottom (like, implied levitation thrusters or something) that we couldn't see clearly as it was in the overcast skys. I talked about how I would love to be a pilot, till one of the other women in the class started panicking and running away, realizing we were being invaded. soon there was artillery and light armor rolling down the street. we commented about the lack of infantry. As the fighting started, we hid in a cluster of trees.


Eventually, I found a escape pod in the park that took me to one of the space stations. There I got an overview of how the war was being played out in space. It seemed to be tachikomo latched on to their space stations (or perhaps that was just the way it was depicted on the battle maps). I set down in a bathroom/storage room to contemplate things, but I became aware that the enemy was on this station.

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I contemplated how the oxygen supply could be used, and a lot of the station staff joined me in the storage room... then I woke up

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