Alright, tell me a true, one sentence story from your life that raises more questions than answers... I'll start.

John Malkovich once brought my dog home when it got out of the backyard.

@thegibson I was on stage with Michael Jackson and all I got was a T-shirt.

@MrsMouse @thegibson Don't recall if it had any sponsor logos. It was a monochrome b/w print and had Michael Jackson's eyes across the chest. The Dangerous World tour style eyes. At that point he was still quite popular and the shirt was soon stolen when I left it lying on my towel at a public swimming pool.

@MrsMouse @thegibson Looked up the date: September 4, 1992. Great times. I did not even have a phone that could take pictures.

@stsp @thegibson Probably for the best, the phones back then mostly were chained to the wall.

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