Good morning y'all and welcome to the draw for the 1989 #AlbumBowl

a reminder of the guidelines I use for these: this is a two-stage event, with a group stage and a knockout stage; no live albums, no compilations (sorry, Minor Threat), one album per group, entirely at my discretion; ties will be broken up by whoever is in the higher pod for the draw

one row, one group; the action starts tomorrow!

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group A

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group B

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group C

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group D

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group E

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group F

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group G

1989 #AlbumBowl - Group H

1989 #AlbumBowl - Round of 16, Match #1

1989 #AlbumBowl - Round of 16, Match #2

1989 #AlbumBowl - Round of 16, Match #3

1989 #AlbumBowl - Round of 16, Match #4


@derek what do we vote for if we don't know these?

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@MrsMouse either is fine, but also neither is fine; the #AlbumBowl Selection Committee endorses all forms of voting, including not voting

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