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More peaceful protestors and journalists have been jailed in the past week than all the bankers who were jailed for fraud during the financial collapse.


I need a new Pride flag. One with black and brown. Anyone have a link that's not amazon? preferably a black-or-brown owned or queer-owned co/site?

stonewall wasn't just a riot, it was an anti-cop riot led by black people. any queer not fully on board with black people protesting police brutality is betraying everything pride stands for

Some people say "All Lives Matter", because that is true, but I say "People need to be reminded that `Black lives matter'",

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Apparently, cops can show restraint when men armed with AR-15s are storming the state Capital but they attack unarmed demonstrators with teargas and batons. There are only so many conclusions you can draw from that.

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-some people throw water bottles at cops and tell them to go home
-cop shoots tear gas at you while your hands are up
-you throw the tear gas back with the gloves you brought, cuz you expected this
-the cop shoots the next tear gas can at your fucking leg, coming inches away from castrating you

that's how protesting cops go. they will never tolerate dissent, and they will hit back harder if you try to defend yourself.

don't worry about me. I'm a little hobbled and I smell like tear gas but I'll be fine. worry about the ones who didn't get out. donate to the mass bail fund:

so to summarize the day:
-started peaceful
-cops escalated cuz they couldn't handle getting shouted at
-we got tear gassed with our hands up
-I threw tear gas canisters back at cops (with gloves)
-I got shot in the thigh with a tear gas canister
-I backed up, tried to keep the intersection behind us clear
-an older white guy hit me with his car and almost ran me over
-I stood in the front for a while as it feeled like things were cooling down

" Riots following the Rodney King beating are credited with spurring Congress to pass legislation granting federal oversight over police departments—a power that lasted until Jeff Sessions, as Trump’s attorney general, rolled it back. " Just something I'm reading.

okay so because i feel really weird about promoting myself, i'm releasing these Pride Month designs for free. remember that stonewall was a riot and that black and brown trans and queer folk throwing bricks at cops are who gave us our freedoms today. there would be no pride without black people, and without justice there is no peace.

you can use these for whatever- print stickers and go vandalize your heart out if you wanna, just try to keep them out of the grasp of mass marketing algorithm machines.

and if you want to support me, you can do so at my teespring

For the record,
I'm a professional class white land-owning southern trans-woman,
and Black Lives Matter. Police MUST be accountable.

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