8 Reasons The Borg Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Shout out to my science sister @Torie !! Nice to lean on another woman and not need to get mansplained by strangers

The fact that I exist in other peoples minds differently than I exist in mine is very weird and I’m not even high

I don't know if I can adult any more. I just want to sit under the chair with my bunny.

😱 💸

Who's getting paid during the government shutdown. Well, the president for one is; but that shouldn't surprise anyone as the Russian government isn't affected.

i continue to complain about voyager and i will never stop Show more

@MrsMouse @AudreyJune sorry, i'm a little tied up right now, but give me a few minutes to wrap up what i'm working on and i'm bound to think of something.

you know, the comptuer squeaking and going "TARRAIN WARNING - PULL UP" every 5 seconds is the autopolot litterally screaming for it's life.

wow. all the sudden the cishet crowd has starting doing timeline images
only for some reason they're calling it "how I've aged challenge/meme"

Like I have pre-hrt selfies.

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A new server emerges in the herd, what will it be like?